Sunday, March 3, 2013

3 months in!

WoW!  Here we are. March 3rd already.  Tomorrow my baby will be 17! Where. Does. The. Time. Go???

I've been quite busy lately and since my father's passing, I've had some rough days.  When someone has been such a CONSTANT in your life and they are no longer, there are bound to be some rough patches.  I'm doing my best to move on.

I have been able to do some scrapping.  Hubby and I even managed to get a "Day Trip" in to Minneapolis!  Yep.  We went to the Mall of America.  I was to meet up with some friends.  He came along as my "photographer!" LOL  Here we are towards the end of the day:
Adele (left) was heading out that night to Heathrow, London.  She will be gone a few weeks.  Her grandmother will meet up with her.  I hope to meet up with her again on her return!  Such a short visit, but grateful to meet another MB'r!

There have been some "Challenges" taking place during this "Dash from Stash" this year.  I've been able to do most.  I am plugging away at my personal challenge of doing 75 Layouts.  I am about half way there.  Here are a few of what I've been doing.

A few weeks ago, I took a trip up to NYC!  It just happened to have coincided with "Blizzard Nemo!" ha ha ha!  I arrived the day before it did.  They received about 20 inches and it was quite pretty!  I was able to make a snow angel!!  Tough to get up for the snow was so light and airy!  Here is my layout:

It felt great to get away and it was MUCH needed!!  Great to be with friends.  We had a wonderful opportunity to scrap together, the MAIN reason I was going!!

Okay, enough for now.  Will try to get back to you in a couple of days with some more!!
May you have a Blessed Week!!

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