Sunday, January 13, 2013

New Year. New Me?

Well, how about a "Better" version of me?  All I can say is that LIFE has been quite busy and rough the last few months.  College Girl, High School Boy.  You get the gist.  Between balancing work, family, holidays, dances, school functions, etc., I've barely had time for myself!!!  Believe it or not, my house STILL has my Christmas Tree and decs up!!  Yep.  Today is to be the day.  My son was supposed to grab boxes from the attic yesterday and we were to get everything up and out.  Nope.  Again, TODAY WILL BE THE DAY!
I started in January, a "Scrap Dash" on the message board.  I still do not have an entire room dedicated for my hobby, but I do have a desk and small space located in my bedroom.  Problem is, I still have my armoire in my daughter's room and I have a bookshelf that houses my albums and some supplies in the living room.  I've realized, I have MORE paper than I thought!!!!  So, aside from purchasing adhesive, which I did prior to this dash, I should be good!  Now, I did run into a problem yesterday.  You are NOT going to believe this but, I'VE SERIOUSLY RUN OUT OF PHOTOS!!!!  Basically, I've caught up with all the current photos of my children and their activities and life!!!  REALLY?!  SERIOUSLY!  Now, I do have some random photos from MANY years ago that I can and will do, but for the most part, I'm caught up!  My daughter has a girl scout "book" that her Leader made many years ago that is on construction paper that I NEED to put on to acid free paper, so that is one project I can do.
Let me show you what I've done:

I've done a total of 22 layouts and completed a December Daily.  Since I have 4 days off, it is a little easier to schedule some "scrap time" for myself.  It is always easier when there is no one home! :)

I've also been pinning on Pinterest.  And not just pinning, but actually DOING some of the items I've pinned!  Mostly some cooking.  So far, things have turned out BETTER than expected!  That is always a good thing.  I've used some cleaning ideas and I've been happy with that also.  I will start sharing what I've been doing with Pinterest items here.  Kinda give you my perspective on it.

Well, guess that is about it for now.  Gonna get the house picked up and head over to my dad's for the football games.  Superbowl is just a couple of weeks away!  We're all set and ready as we'll ever be at work.  joy.  right in the middle of Mardi Gras this year.  again, joy.  Should have some interesting stories to share.

Have a Blessed week!!

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