Friday, June 1, 2012

The First of June!

And it was a scorcher!!  WoW!  If this is any indication of what the next 4 months are gonna be, I'm going to have some HIGH water bills!!!  Just say'n.  LOTS of COLD showers.  Because I know, if I go to the pool, THAT water will feel like bath water. yuck.  Speaking of "pool", swim meets will be starting.  SOON!  I've got my camera batteries charged and I'm ready.  Gotta push my son.  Get him ready when he starts practice for high school swim team.  Gotta get the fire lit!

Only had today off from work.  Tomorrow is my "Monday" and I know that it will be crazy!!!  Can't wait until Wednesday gets here.  It'll be my Friday!!!!!!!  I just hope that these next 5 days do not drag.  The last 6 did and I was. not. happy.  

Okay, gotta move my clothing to the dryer so I can have something to wear for work! LOL  I hope you guys have a wonderful weekend!!!

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