Wednesday, March 7, 2012

*Tap-Tap-Tap* Hello???

Is this thing on?  Hello? hellooooo.
I cannot believe it's been over a week since I've last been here.  I have been sooooo busy at work and when I get home, I am mentally and physically exhausted.
I am in the process of cleaning, organizing, straightening a packing my scrap space!  Packing, for a trip to Phoenix in the next 2 weeks! I am no where near ready.  I do have a couple of projects in mind but I need to get the pictures together and printed.  I am currently residing, or should I say my "scrapping supplies" are residing in the living room and my daughter's bedroom.  Now, she will be home this summer from college and she will be commuting in the Fall, so I need to get it together so that we can co-habitate the same space!  I have just put shelves up for storage and I will get it all straight soon.  It has become a long process for I've been too tired after work and so, I am working on it on my "weekends."  I'll post pics of the "before and after" when I am done.

Because of a very busy February at work, I've not been able to scrap at all!  I have seen lots of sketches and ideas and have "Pinned" them on Pinterest.  I'm hoping to get back to regular schedule soon.  On that note, just wanted to keep you somewhat posted on happenings and to let you know that I haven't fallen off the Earth.  At least not yet.  I am looking forward to getting away for a long weekend.  Will be meeting at least 2 new people, but most all were together in Wisconsin last year and we had so much fun and laughter!!  I expect more this year!

Have a great week!

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