Tuesday, March 13, 2012

12 On 12

Good morning.  Yesterday, I did Lizzie's challenge: "12 on 12" where you take 12 pictures on the twelfth of March.  These are mine:

Yes, that is A.M.!  When I leave the house for work!  It happened to be raining.  HARD!  Was NOT a happy camper.

Had a VERY Stormy day, hence the outdoor pics of the sky/clouds.  Also took some pictures of my route home.  The local and ONLY traffic light this side of town.  It was put up about 10 years ago because it became quite a BUSY intersection! Then a picture of one of two plantation homes we have here locally.  They are about 3 miles apart from one another.  This one is closest to my home.  A picture of Riley, my doxie.  He's such a wonderful pet. He is 7 yrs old and will be 8 in July!  Following pics are taken from my front yard. Sky was VERY dark and the Tornado Sirens had just finished blaring!!!  Not sure if there were going to be more later.  The picture with the woman statue was a gift from one of the parent's of a child I used to babysit.  I just love it!  The last picture is of breakfast for this morning.  MONKEY BREAD!!!  This time, I did something totally different and it has become my NEW way of making.  I use biscuits and LOTS of brown sugar and vanilla and butter along with a little "secret" ingredient.  YUM!
Well, that is a peek into my day.  Nothing really exciting, but still MINE nonetheless!  Can't wait to peruse others take on "12 on 12."
Have a Blessed day.

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Heather Landry said...

I can't get over the fact that you LEAVE your house at 4:07 AM. What on Earth do you do to have to get up that early? I'll quit whining about 6AM now. LOL

Your monkey bread looks yummy! Sorry about the stormy weather. We've had some really awful storms this Spring.