Monday, February 27, 2012

Totally Random {and long overdue} Post!

Wow.  Life has definitely been quite busy for me around here.  We had Mardi Gras last week, therefore, there were LOTS of people traveling to GET OUT OF HERE!!! ha ha.  No. Seriously. The locals leave town for Mardi Gras.  It gets really crazy.  Since most, if not all, of the schools are closed for the week, families take the opportunity to go skiing!!  If I could, I would have gone also.  Not skiing, because, well, let's face it, I can't do it!  I would have made snow angels and made LOTS of snowballs for an impromptu attack! Seriously.  I would!
Right now, I am just tired of seeing a LINE of PEOPLE when I go in to work! ARGH!!!  Just WHAT is going on that these people are leaving OR came in?  I've seen Brooke Shields and Wanda Sykes twice in the last 2 weeks!  Both are VERY nice.  Cyndi Lauper was in town for Lundi Gras and flew out on Mardi Gras.  She also was very nice.  Typically, we are busy on Saturday and Sunday mornings due to the cruise ships coming in to dock.  Those people are returning home.  Yes, I know, it boosts our economy, but folks, I.  am.  tired.  Plain and simple.  Last Wednesday, my 6th straight day of working, I stepped wrong and twisted my back.  It ached and I took some Aleve and went back at it.  Thursday morning, I woke, was sore, but got into the shower thinking I just needed to work the kinks out.  Could not bend over to wrap towel around head!  I could not move!  I was seriously in pain.  Then I told myself, "If I can put my socks and shoes on, I'll go in to work, then leave if all is covered." Yes, I do talk to myself.  Seriously.  I mean, who else is awake at 3:30 in the a.m.?  You?  I think not.  Well, I called in and said I could not make it in.  I couldn't even sit on the, well, in the bathroom, HOW could I get in and out of the car?!  At this time, it is 4 a.m. and I wanted to wake hubby up!  I was in pain.  I was CRYING.  HARD!  I had 2 C-sections and wasn't in this kind of pain.  I did manage to get to the doctor about 2 p.m.  It was muscle and also pinching my sciatic nerve!  Gave me muscle relaxers and pain meds and I settled onto the sofa with a heating pad and dozed!  All day Friday I took it easy as well as Saturday.  Thankfully, I had those days scheduled off.  Went in Sunday.  I feel a WHOLE LOT better!!!  I will admit, I am waiting for my next couple of days off.  I didn't get done what I needed to last week and I need to get to it this week!
I haven't been able to scrap or clean up the mess that still lies on the table in the living room!  That is my goal Wednesday.  I have still been doing the P365 and I will catch up in that tab soon.
Okay, off I go.  Need to iron a shirt for work tomorrow.  Just wanted to fill you in on the happenings around here!  God Bless!

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