Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"Wines-day" Wednesday!

Well, at least I just might make it just for wine today! LOL  I am off today and tomorrow and I am hoping to get "scrappy!"  Here is my P365+1 layout from yesterday:

I "accidentally" used the prompt, "folded!"  I didn't know it was the prompt for, I haven't been using them.  I will use them as a "fall-back" photo if I can't come up with a photo for the day!  Here is a snapshot of the prompts:

 As you can see, today's is "with a who cares aperture!"  Will see what I come up with.  Check out the site to see what else they have!  Whatever gets you motivated to document your year will work!
Okay, off I go to get things done.  Have to make my grocery list and make sure that WINE is on it! ;-)
Have a beautiful, blessed day!

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Tya said...

Love the prompts. I'll have to check them out and incorporate some of them. TFS! :)