Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Wednesday's Weight

Okay, so this title is taking on a different meaning today.  But first, I've neither lost nor gained. LOL
So, my son tells me last night that there is a field trip the sophomore class is going on and since he didn't get a permission slip {another story} and didn't turn it in in time, he didn't want to go to school. Well, that was not an option.  Sorry.  Basically, hubs brought him to school kicking and screaming because I would not let him stay home!  Promises were made.  "I'll clean my room.  I'll do my laundry.  I'll........"  REALLY?  You need to do those things regardless.  It's called, 'RESPONSIBLITY.'  Pulling your OWN WEIGHT in this family.  It was not up for my discussion.  I am the parent.  You are the child.  the end.

Okay, sorry to be such a downer, but seriously, parenting is NOT for the lightweights.  Especially when children reach the teenage years.  I feel that I am a great parent. I do not beat my children.  I do not call them names.  I set reachable, attainable goals for them.  I am teaching them to be responsible, caring, loving adults.  For the most part, my children ARE GOOD KIDS!  We know the kids they hang with AND their parents.  I do try to lead by example.  My children are aware of how I grew up.  They know that they get a lot more than I ever did.  They were spoiled.  But not without working for what they have.  They know the VALUE of things and I do not mean monetary.  I only hope that everything I am teaching will sink in and when they are grown adults with children of their own, they will look back and actually, in their minds, THANK ME for the things I've taught them.  Only then will I feel I've done a good job!

All righty then!!  Let me show you my P365+1 Day 10 now.  Seems I have a "work" theme going.

They redecorated the Christmas trees into "Mardi Gras" ones!!  Mardi Gras is so much fun.

I am off to be productive now.  There is still some "Parenting" left in my morning!! LOL  Have a beautiful, blessed day and I'll see you right back here tomorrow!!

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