Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday "Wilds"

I am titleling this post that for I am expecting some WILD weather here!  Possibly "tornadic" at times.  I have to go out to the grocery first, but I do plan on staying inside and cleaning up around here!  I have some "piles" I need to take care of.  Would have been taken care of but, on Monday I came home and unexpectedly had to bathe 2 dogs!!!  Thankfully, I have dachshunds and one is a "mini" and weighs only 9 pounds!  HE is the one that had the "problem" bowel!!!  He must've eaten something that did NOT agree.  I had to throw away his bedding.  He needed a new one anyway!  Okay, sorry.  TMI, I know.  I apologize! LOL
I need to get my menu together before I shop. sheesh.  I guess I had better get moving.  A lot to do and the wind is picking up.  Want to get back BEFORE the rain starts!!
Have a BLESSED day and do something FUN!!

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