Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tuesday Talks!

Good morning!  How is your week going? Slow? Fast?  LOL  Sorry.  It's my "Friday" and I'm a little giddy.  A scrap friend is coming into town this week and we finally get to meet IRL!!!  Weather here is supposed to be better come Thursday/Friday and I'm glad.  I'll let you know how it goes!

There are some really good movies coming out or are already out that I want to see.  I really want to see "Joyful Noise" with Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton.  Just seems to me to be a fun, no thinking, funny movie!  There is also "Red Tails" about the Tuskeegee Airmen!  This movie is LOOOOOOONG overdue!!  Cuba Gooding and Terrance Howard?  Oh yeah!  "Warhorse" is another that interests me.  Let's see, if I see one movie every afternoon before 5 p.m. it'll only cost me $5 per movie!!  This is Monday thru Thursday!  Not bad.  One last movie is "Contraband" with Mark Wahlberg.  Need I say more? LOL

I am also a t.v. junkie! No. Seriously.  Now, being that I am in bed by 8 p.m. on worknights, I DVR a LOT!  On Mondays I watch "House" while recording "Pretty Little Liars" and "The Lying Game."  After that, I record "Hart of Dixie" which I think, is stinking adorable!!  Great actors in that one.  This is just on Mondays.  Tuesday is a whole other day as well as Friday thru Sunday!!!  I. Have. A. Problem.  I admit it. LOL  I'm sure there is a "group" but...... only if we can discuss the shows I watch!!!!!!!  I told you I have a problem.

What are YOU into?  Do you have any faves?  Your "MUST SEE" shows?  Share them with me.  We might as well join!!!  Okay, off I go.  Have a Blessed Day!!!!

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Heather Landry said...

Hmmm... Favorite shows? I'm as addicted as you are! Once Upon A Time, House, Bones, Storage Wars, Teen Mom, Fringe, and GLEE! LOL