Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunny Sunday

Well, here we are.  At the end of the weekend.  However, it is my "Tuesday."  I cannot believe it is already the end of January!!
For those of you doing the "P365+1", how are you doing?  Still going strong?  Surprisingly, I am.  Here are the last couple of days:

I need to figure out what today's photo will be.  I think the prompt is "In the mirror."  Still have a little time!

Well, enjoy the rest of your weekend.  I'm going to start picking up and winding down so that I may hit the hay early!  See you later! 

1 comment:

Tya said...

Struggling with my photos. Getting them done, but I REALLY need to use those prompts from the site you suggested. Beautiful sunrise picture and cute one of your son.