Sunday, January 22, 2012

Sunday Blessings

Good morning!  How is your weekend going?  Well, mine is over.  Sundays are my "Tuesdays."  But that is okay.  I make the most of it.  I was able to scrap yesterday.  3 more layouts.  Plus the 6 I did on Thursday, I've managed 9 pages!!  Wow.  Mojo has been making an appearance, and for that, I am blessed! 
One of the young ladies whom my son has known a long while, has a SERIOUS crush on him.  So much so, that she refers to me as "mom-in-law!" LOL  It's cute.  It's scary.  She wanted to ask him to the Sadie's dance coming up in February!  No matter that he already has a girlfriend.  So, Saturday night, while my son was away, she came over to decorate his room with balloons and streamers.  She had a few balloons that had, "Pop Me" written on them.  Inside those balloons were words that when unscrambled asked, "will you go to Sadie's with me?"  I took pictures and created this layout.

I had fun with that.  My son approved it. LOL
My daughter's friend posted some pictures on Facebook of them when they went to a Saints game.  I snagged them and printed them out.  I created this layout:

Kept it simple.  I am just looking to document my childrens' life and events.  Just keeping it real and simple.  That is my word for the year, "Simplify."  Getting back to the basics.  Less stress.  Less complicated.  I used that prompt "living your word" for yesterday's P365 layout.

I forgot to post day 20.  Here it is:

I've been using those prompts I posted a few days ago.  It's just been simple!  I am still having fun.  I want to do each month the same.  January has the same background/feel.  February will be different. And so on.  I will be keeping it all simple and clean.  I just want to be able to continue to have fun documenting my life.  Once it becomes a "chore" I'll need to stop.
Okay, enough of that.  Have a blessed day.  Spend it with your family.  Create some NEW memories!!  Have fun.  See you again soon!

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