Wednesday, January 25, 2012

My NEW Skincare Journey

Okay, I am starting a NEW skin care regimen.  On the advice of a dear friend of mine who has been using for near a year now, and her skin looks GREAT!  I was at the end of my current regimen, so the timing was perfect.  Rodan and Fields are the creators of Proactive and EVERYONE has heard of that.  I was looking to improve my skin tone and brighten it.  That's what this is.

Can I tell you, it smells WONDERFUL!  It has a light, citrusy scent.  Now, I am starting with this one first, then after 2 months, I will change to the "Anti-age" program.  I want to re-vamp, brighten and get that even skin tone and this is what will do it.  I will now show you "Before" pictures.  These are straight out of the camera.  I did NOT adjust or retouch them.  I want to share this with you and give you an HONEST opinion of this product and company.  I will also tell you, should you decide to try for yourself, DEFINITELY pay the $14.95 fee to upgrade to PCPerks!  You get FREE shipping.  You get the discount every, single time!  You can cancel at ANY TIME!  You can CHANGE your order, which is what I will do after 2 months and BEFORE they auto-ship again!  So, after you have followed me and you are interested, please visit Rodan and Fields site and look around.  Feel free to ask my ANYTHING about my progress and I'll be HONEST with you.

Watch this video on the "Reverse" product.
Interesting, right?

Okay, are you ready to see my "Before" pictures?  Here they are:

Now, this is my cleaned, washed face.  No makeup, moisturizer, nothing.  I have since washed with products and I must say, my skin feels great.  It's soft and smooth.  The cleanser is like a tiny microderm facial.  You have to be sure to stay away from your eyes as with any product/soap/cleanser.
I will come back weekly with updates and photos.  I will also let you know if ANYONE notices an improvement without my prompting! LOL   I have a tab at the top of my blog that I will be posting/updating my progress.  I want to keep it separate from my regular blog posting.

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