Monday, January 9, 2012

Manic Monday!

I decided to change this title of the post.  Mostly cause, well, it is actually my "Wednesday" of my work week and, I think most of you need a longer weekend to get things done and also, possibly, some rest!  Am I wrong?  I thought so.  Mostly because this is in REAL time because I forgot to do an "autopost" for today! LOL  With that being said and done, I can actually post not one, but TWO P365+1 photos!!!  Ready?  Here they are:

How funny that these last 2 were taken while at work!!  I lead such an interesting life. bahaha!  So much so, that TOMORROW, oh my, I'm gonna have to wear my "big girl panties" and pull up my boot straps!!  Tonight is a BIG football game.  BCS Bowl game between our PURPLE AND GOLD TIGERS, ELLLLLLL-SSSSSSSS-UUUUUUUUU!!!! and the little tide of alabama.  {Sorry Joscie ;-)}
Grant it, most have driven in for the game, but, there is also a convention breaking up and some went out today, but tomorrow, LOADS ARE HEAVY!!!!!  Gotta brew that EXTRA pot of caffeine! LOL

So, what's on your agenda for the week?  Any parties?  Fun?  or is just boring, work?  Whatever you do, make it GRAND!  See you tomorrow!

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