Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!!!

Well good morning all and HAPPY NEW YEAR!  Wow, I cannot believe another year has flown by!  Did you make resolutions?  Promises?  Goals?  Sure, we've all started our lists, but fizzled out by the time February was rolling by.  I'm guilty.  Everyone is.  Whether you went farther or stopped completely by the end of the first week in January! LOL  That's okay.
With that all being said, I've made a "List."  Don't judge me.  We have to start somewhere! sheesh.
Anyhoo, for the last few years I have participated in "One Little Word."  This year my word is "Simplify."  Just that.  You can read about it on the right.  This is an easy one to do AND achieve!!!  This is my fourth year.  Now, another item, "Project Life."  Yeah, you read right.  3 years ago I went all the way to October!!!  I took pictures nearly everyday and documented by doing it digital.  I even got them all printed up until late July early August and then, my external hard drive CRASHED!!!!!  I still have the drive, but sadly, it could not be recovered.  Okay, I digress.  What I am getting at, I will be trying to do it again this year.  I've downloaded and cleared my camera's memory card and put it in my purse!!  It is small enough to do so and it takes much better photos than my crackberry! LOL  I will use my blog to hold me accountable!  So, if I start to fall, PLEASE kick me in the arse!!! hee hee.  I am also going to get back into the exercise routine again.  I need to.  I was doing so well and I FELT good!  Another item on my list is "Scrapping."  I need to start printing and creating Layouts.  I will start scheduling an hour here and there during my week and just scrap.  I currently have Thursdays and Fridays off, so it is doable, especially when I am home by myself!!  Hubby at work, kids at school!  Sounds like a plan, right?

I have "sketched" out a plan for my blog.  I have taken each day of the week and have come up with "Titles" for each day.  Only one I don't have a title for is Thursday.  Maybe you can help?  Wanna see what I have?  Too bad.  LOL  Here is what I've come up with:

"Monday Memories" - What made your week last week? Any celebrations?  Milestones? etc.
"Tuesday Talks" - Any plans? What's the word around the water cooler? Any good movies, food, recipes?
"Wednesday's Weight" - Goals for the week, month, hell I'll take the hour! LOL
"Thursday ????" - 
"Friday Funnies" - things you've seen or heard
"Saturday Sketches" - sharing sketches from around the world. BLOG world that is!!
"Sunday Blessings" - what are you thankful for this week?  what did you set out to accomplish but didn't quite get there or, DID YOU?

Okay, that's the plan! Now, I may change it up a bit, but I need to start somewhere.  Feel free to give me your opinions.  In fact, I ENCOURAGE IT!  I plan on doing giveaways this year and contests!  I want to have FUN!  And I want you to have fun!

Well, that is it for now.  Off to find a picture for today!  Enjoy your day with family and friends and.....

Welcome to the year TWENTY-TWELVE, 2 THOUSAND TWELVE, 2012  however you want to say it!!


Anonymous said...

Love your daily 'titles' for your blog posts. If I think of anything for Thursday's I'll let you know! :)

joscelyne cutchens said...

Stopped by to say hi. xox . Good luck with your resolutions!