Wednesday, November 30, 2011

It may be the last day, but it is the first day!

Well, here it is.  The LAST day of the month of November!  Oh my.  24 more shopping days left!!!  WHERE did the time go?  I have not gotten 1 gift! *shocker*  This year WILL be simple.  Going back to our roots.  It is more about time with family and friends.  Loving.  Laughing.  Enjoying.  Just being the GREAT people God intended us to be.  I am VERY fortunate to have raised 2 beautiful children who are NOT selfish, greedy, snotty, unloving children of God!  For that, I am extremely blessed.  With that being said, I'm wondering if they will let me get some "Holiday" pictures this year? hmmmmm. LOL  We'll see.

Okay, on to less than "sappy" stuff.  I am trying to get my daughter's room re-organized so that I can use that space for scrapping.  Problem is, she has a queen-sized bed and her room is more long than wide.  I also need to make sure that she can get into her closet when she returns at the end of the semester of college. I WILL get it done.  Here is the space now.  
Now, this is/was her "vanity."  I am not using the drawers.  It works just "okay" but, my neighbor moved from across the street to right next door and she gave me this:

It currently sits at the foot of the bed.  I will not keep that little credenza on top for the plan is to use this as my ACTUAL workspace.  My Cricut is currently there for my son moved it from the floor so he could move the television around. Oh, did I mention, my son sleeps in his sister's room!  He does so because he'll have the laptop setting on the side when he sleeps and it doesn't fall off the bed!  His bed is an XL twin and is very comfortable, but not wide enough for his "toys!"  Go figure.

Anyway, on my daughter's dresser/shelves above, I have MORE supplies!

It really is organized.  All my Thickers and letter stickers are in that basket as well as hanging on the Clip it Up.  I have some random embellies in the drawers on the left.  They do have labels on it.  What you can't see now, and I've posted a picture, is the Armoire I have to the right of the closet. It also holds items in the 2 large drawers.  I have my work cut out for me, but I am up to the task.  My hubby is grateful he doesn't have to see it all in the living room!  It was in there for MANY MONTHS! LOL  We're still married. hee hee.

November 28th was the start of a "Freeze/Dash from your Stash" on a message board I frequent.  We have until January 28th to ONLY use items from our stash to create!  The ONLY things we can purchase are consumable items like adhesive.  We have to "shop" from our hoards stash we have collected and possibly have forgotten about!  This weekend we will help "jump start" our Dash by hosting an "On-line Crop."  Many of us will post challenges and techniques to get us to use our stash!!  Some of us will also have prizes from our own stash to give!  We will have 2 weeks to complete and post.  Looking forward to it, only, I have to work.  I'm gonna have to squeeze it in the best I can.  The ONLY good thing about work right now, I am about to "time-out" for the year so once my hours run out, I'll have the last couple of weeks in December to PLAY!!  I do have a little part time job in the afternoons, 2 days a week, which will keep some money coming in.  So, all is not lost!
Okay.  Off to get some things done around here before I head in this afternoon for work.  Have a GREAT day!


Jingle said...

Have fun in your new space and with your challenge!

Heather Landry said...

I think your space is coming together nicely! I'm wishing you a Merry CHRISTmas and I hope you have a blessed New Year too.

Thanks for being my online blog friend this year!