Tuesday, November 22, 2011

2011 State Swim Team

So, this past weekend I drove to Sulphur, LA just outside of Lake Charles for the LHSAA Div 1 State Swim Meet.  My son is a Sophomore and it is his 2nd year on the high school swim team.  He made a state time in Backstroke.  He made a "personal best" time at the state meet!  Dropped 2 seconds!  He was happy.
Here is a picture of the State Team:

Now, there are only 7 boys on the ENTIRE swim team!  The rest are all girls!!  Some of these were Freshman!  Here are a few random shots from the weekend:

Here are the boys with their "Mob" faces!  We were inside a gym waiting for our session to begin.

My son being a goofball:

Here is the group before events started for their "Pep Talk"

Ryan and Nick:

Now, my son calls me a couple of weeks ago and informs me that they are getting new swimsuits. WTH? I just bought him a new team suit, WHY does he need another?  Well.  The boys all decide, if they can get them quickly, they wanted to get "weeney-bikini" suits! SHOCKER!!!  Well, I just HAD to get a picture:

My son went even as far as to SHAVE HIS LEGS!!!!  Yep.  Feeling the "pain" of it now as it grows out! LOL  Hey, it DID shave off 2 seconds of his time! {pun intended!}

Here is Ryan on his backstroke!

Here he is swimming in the Medley Relay!

Another event.

The "Crew"

Okay, let me show you the Natorium. It is divided into 3 photos.  The 3rd photo is where all the events took place.  The first 2 were the "Warm-up" pools.

It really is a LARGE complex complete with an actual water slide on site!!!  There are also ballparks.  It's a GREAT facility!  Too bad it is a 3 1/2 hr drive!

All in all, it was a great weekend.  Ryan enjoyed the "experience" and was happy with his outcomes.  On to next year.  Summer swimming will be first!
Thanks for following along.  Have a great day!


Adele said...

Congrats, Ry! Tell him I for that he can come stay for a few days and won't make him mow my lawn (as long as he comes between now and beginning of May.... when I have to start mowing again)

Heather Landry said...

Well if it shaved that much time off... it was worth it! LOL I think it's hilarious that they wanted the teeny tiny suits.

I'm with you on the levee being a huge part of my childhood. I rode my bike down it once and flipped and never tried it again! We used to wade in the river on the other side of the levee. Thinking about it now... we were kinda crazy! LOL