Sunday, October 23, 2011

I Had SO MUCH Fun last week!!

Well, last weekend I went to Danbury, Connecticut.  Via Atlanta and White Plains, New York first! LOL
I flew out on Thursday the 13th of October, which happened to be my hubby's birthday! DOH!  He survived.  I flew into Atlanta and waited.  And waited. AND WAITED!  Of course there was drama.  Why wouldn't there be?  It wasn't that I couldn't get on the plane, it was that there WAS NO PLANE!!!  Got a plane, needed a CREW!!  3 hours after I was supposed to arrive, I did.  JOY!  My dear friends, Gretchen and Livia waited for me.  Gretchen flew in from Phoenix.  We stayed the night at Liv's and drove to Connecticut on Friday morning for a weekend of SCRAP BLISS!!!!  But OF COURSE, there was WINE!!  LOTS of it!  LOL  We stayed up late and got up early.  Had breakfast then headed back into the room for more scrapping.  I was able to get so much done!!!  Let me share some pictures.
Here is the view from the "Head" of the table!! LOL  I reigned as "Queen." ROTFL  Notice the chocolate and snacks. hee hee

Here is another shot after "CEG" made her appearance, hence the first EMPTY bottle of wine!!!!

Here is the view facing my "Head" of the table:

Here is one of the layouts I completed:

Another pic, this time of Gretchen and CEG with their glass of wine.  Undoubtedly, CEG's 2nd glass! LOL

Here is my salad before our dinner Saturday night.  Notice the glass of wine to the right along with iced tea on the left!!

My dinner:

Here we are after dinner back in the crop room.  CEG is bringing dessert as we celebrate Karen's birthday! But, OF COURSE there was MORE wine involved! LOL

Karen was surprised.  CEG made Oreo mini cheesecakes!  They were DIVINE!!!

Here is another layout I completed.  It was taken while at the Utah State Fair.  I had had this idea in my head once the pictures were taken.  The rest of the night, we had that silly song stuck in our heads!  Now it's stuck in yours!!!!

I have more layouts, but will post at another time.  I still have some "finish" work to do for I did not have ALL my stuff with me!

On Sunday, when we checked out of the hotel and headed back to Liv's, we were just shocked that the weekend flew by!  Liv's hubby had dinner ready for us when we got back.  It was AWESOME and DELISH!  Baked ham, sweet tators, regular tators, green beans and cornbread muffins.  Seems like the entire weekend all I did was eat and drink!  Couldn't ask for a better weekend! LOL
Okay, that should hold you for now.  I hope to post the remaining layouts soon along with an updated scrap room!!!  I am slowly, but surely, getting my daughter's room converted into my scrap space.  Of course, her bed will remain on the OFF chance she sleeps in it when she comes home!  She usually dumps her stuff and heads out!  Typical College Girl!
All righty now, have a GREAT week and I'll see ya soon!


Jingle said...

That sounds and looks like a BLAST!

Heather Landry said...

The cow wash layout cracked me up! It sounds like you ladies all had a wonderful time!

Heather Landry said...

Totally forgot to say... thanks for the comment on my blog. Please email me your addy and I'll get the coupon right in the mail to you.


Rosa B. said...

Looks like you were out East just the week after I was! Looks like a fun time! :)