Thursday, August 25, 2011

Winner from "August Sketch Blog Hop!"

Sorry guys it took me so long.  I've been quite busy lately.  So, without further ado, here is the list of entrants:

Blogger Auntie Em
Blogger blsd2scrp
Blogger Snips and Snails
Blogger Moongirl
Blogger Derv
Blogger photochic
Blogger Ladyofthelake318
Blogger csewy
Blogger Ashley Horton
Blogger GrammaChurch
Blogger bfran55
All about UNC!
Blogger DanaMK
Blogger suzeyq
Blogger Mandi
Blogger Steffanie
Blogger Jackie 

  Using generator, here is the WINNER:

In case you can't see, and I can't either! the first name on the list:
  1. Blogger photochic
  2. Blogger Derv

  3. Blogger Mandi
  4. Blogger suzeyq
  5. Blogger Ladyofthelake318
  6. All about UNC!
  7. Blogger Jackie
  8. Blogger Snips and Snails

  9. Blogger DanaMK
  10. Blogger Moongirl
  11. Blogger csewy

  12. Blogger blsd2scrp

  13. Blogger bfran55
  14. Blogger Auntie Em
  15. Blogger GrammaChurch

  16. Blogger Ashley Horton
  17. Blogger Steffanie
Timestamp: 2011-08-25 15:02:20 UTC

PHOTOCHIC!!  you are my winner!!  Send me your snailmail and I'll get a little scrappy goodness out to you ASAP!!!
Thank you ladies for all your kind comments.  I had lots of fun doing this and appreciate Amanda for hosting.  I look forward to the next one!!

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