Sunday, August 14, 2011

The Next Chapter in Her Life.... {pic heavy!}

Well, after 2 days of packing and moving, my daughter is settled into her dorm.  Whew!  It just about went off without a "hitch."  Just about.  Let me give you a "backstory."  My son spent Friday night with friends.  One of his friends graduated high school and was going off to the military.  These boys have been in Scouts for many years.  Their game plan:  pitch a tent on the church grounds, hook up electricity and the television to play XBox, and order pizza.  Well, they did that.  Among other things.  They played hide n seek in the dark.  Walked to the Subway then went up to McDonald's for milkshakes!  Basically, they stayed up ALL NIGHT!  Fine.  I told my son that we were planning on leaving early in the morning and he had BETTER be ready.  He promised his sister he would be there to help her move.  OH. MY. GOD!  He was such a BEAR!  Grumpy.  Tired. and ready to leave once we unloaded the cars!  Seriously?  "It's not like it's a wedding," were his words.  OH NO HE DIDN'T!!!  "Son, what did you want me to do, say, 'ok Em here you go.  Here's your stuff.  It's been great.  Hug. Hug. Bye?'"  I. DON'T. THINK. SO.  He pretty much ruined my day.  My daughter and I pretty much let it go.  Guess I got home about 3 p.m. or so.  My son went to sleep about 4 and slept until like 10 this morning!!!  Guess he was tired.
Anyway, let me show you some pictures of our time leading up to the move.

Her room as it was packed up and placed anywhere she could find so she would not forget anything.

Different angles in her room.  You could barely walk thru her door!!

Here we are moving in:

Outside the building:

Here is her room, BARE!

Here is "GRUMPY!"

Trying to make up the bed:

And so, the "Great Pillow Debacle" begins! LOL

Decided, maybe the bed is not in the BEST place?

The "Moms" take over!!

Ta da!  Now, to just put everything else away.

Here is the "kitchen" area.  It consists of a microwave and fridge.  Really perfect for what they need!
to the left, where those shelves are, is the bathroom:

Okay, so today I went back with the hubs, sans the son, and brought her a few other items.  Here she is with her desk pretty much straightened out. Excuse the blur. Forgot my camera and used my phone!

Here is another with her BESTEST friend she is NOT rooming with! LOL

Again, taken with my phone.

Classes start on Wednesday and I think she is ready.  She's says she's not, but I'm sure she will do just fine.  She has a couple of days to "map out" where the buildings are and about how long it'll take to get to class.
Meanwhile, back at the ranch, her bedroom is the cleanest I've EVER seen it! LOL  I will be passing the vacuum cleaner over it before she returns this weekend. hee hee

Hmmm, I DO have plans for this room!!  Don't worry.  She'll still have a bed to sleep in! LOL
Thanks for following me on the journey.  One down, one more to go!  Good thing I have 3 years! ROTFL
Now, to tackle my living room and get all my scrap stuff put away and organized again.  Here is what it looks like now. I'm embarrassed to show you, but, I do have to admit my "problem" so I can get help, right?

Seriously, there IS a fireplace under there and, it truly is a living room!  I mean, CAN'T you tell I'm LIVING there?! ha ha!  I'll post the progress and the FINAL when done.  I really hope to get it done this week BEFORE my daughter comes home!!!


Anonymous said...

Awh, sniff sniff.....That's pretty awesome V. I'm certain M-E appreciates all the help (even from Grump Smurf). We're gonna miss her. (Well, at least until she comes home this weekend.) LOL. Seriously, great blog! You raised an outstanding young lady! Glynda

Anonymous said...

I didn't known that you have a blog. Nice thing to share with us, the readers, a little from you life. Congratulations for your kids! Be patient for all the next years..... Aliona