Sunday, August 21, 2011

Big Idea Fest from BPS

So, I've been quite busy lately.  I participated in a Blog Hop the last couple of days.  My daughter was moved out and moved IN to a dorm room. AND, wait for it..... better sit down first...

I have been DIGI SCRAPPING!!!  Oh, sorry.  Should have warned you about drinks first.  I'll wait while you wipe off the screen.  Wouldn't want you to miss what I actually completed! LOL

Okay.  Done?  Hope it wasn't too messy.  I'll warn you next time. Anyhooooooo, Big Picture Scrapbooking, featuring Stacey Julian, had enrollment for their "Big Idea Festival" where this year, they are having 12 days of ideas, featuring WORDS!  Just one little word.  Already have had 7 days, which means, 7 layouts!!!  I know, rightI'm shocked.  These layouts will be printed out, most likely 8x8 and made into a book for my daughter.  It is all about her {umm, which she thinks EVERYTHING is anyway!}, but in this case, it actually is! hee hee  Okay, here they are:

Day 1: word - share

Day 2 - wonder

Day 3 - less

Day 4 - give

Day 5 - enjoy

Day 6 - nest

Day 7 - cherish

So far, that is what I have.  Pretty impressive, huh?  I thought so.  I have enjoyed looking at everyone's interpretation of the words.  Their perspective.  I started with pictures of my daughter's trip to Atlanta a few months ago.  It was a great way to get some of those in a layout.  4 more days left.  Bet you can't WAIT to see what I do?  I thought so.  Me either! LOL
Have a great week!!!


Jingle said...

Digi is a great fit for you! These look wonderful! I really like Day 3 a LOT!!! Day 4 is a fave, too!

Auntie Em said...

Great LOs and with Digi you can have a copy for mom and for DD (plus one for a doting auntie or grandma!)
Thanks for sharing! :)