Thursday, July 28, 2011

Countdown is moving FAST!

Summer is drawing close to the end.  We are more than half way thru the end of the year! WTH?  WHEN did this happen?  There are STILL so many FUN things I NEED to do!  Wait!  STOP!  I'm not readyyyyyyy!
My daughter is getting ready for College.  We have purchased her bedding and some linens.  Move in date is August 13th.  Classes begin on the 17th I believe.  She isn't going far, but still.  I tell her that she doesn't NEED her ENTIRE bedroom up there.  I hope she listens.  You know how teenage girls can be?! LOL  She's pretty excited.  Nervous, but excited nonetheless.  Tomorrow she gets her braces off!  YAY!  Now, THAT she is really excited about.  They should have been off before graduation.  Oh well.
My son will be a Sophomore in high school this year. He has been busy this summer with his lifeguard job at the local pool.  He has had fun as well.  He will begin the swim team again soon.  I'm glad he is keeping up with that.  He is actually VERY good at it and I'm not being biased.  I love the friendly competition between him and a friend.  It makes them really TRY to beat one another. LOL
Okay, that is about it for now.  I'll return soon with some new posts AND some pictures!

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