Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tonight's the Night! {no, not for Rod Stewart!}

Good day all!
Tonight is my baby girl's Graduation!  I cannot believe it.  My what a FLASH of time it has been!  12 years basically has flown by.  I'm a little nostalgic, but really not too much.  I've reared a wonderful, energetic, STRONG, beautiful, independent young lady.  She has her head on straight.  Maybe a little too straight.  She needs to lighten up a little.  She'll be off to college in the fall.  Not that far away.  She received two $800 scholarships.  One for the Fall and one for the Spring.  She'll have to maintain a 3.25 GPA and she'll do it.  Guess I'll start taking on extra hours so I can start getting supplies she'll need for her dorm.  She already wants to hit the Dollar Tree and tells me not to let her forget!  As if.  That is the ONE PLACE I ALWAYS go! LOL
Okay, off to make sure camera is all ready, get myself a pair of shoes for tonight, have to press her gown and then get ready!!!  I'll come back to brag post pictures of the night! LOL  Have a beautiful, blessed day!


Jingle said...

How exciting! Just remind her that half of what she thinks she needs in her dorm she won't actually use...and the other half she will totally forget to bring! HA!

kelliebean said...

Awww, I can't believe it! What an exciting day for you all. {{{hugs}}} to everyone!