Saturday, May 21, 2011

Planting "Summer"

A couple of weeks ago, Mother's Day weekend to be exact, I told my hubby, "If you want to go NOW to Home Depot to get plants and such, we have to go NOW!  If not, the feeling has passed and we'll go another year with flowers in our yard."  He immediately got dressed and we left! LOL  So we go and purchase some bedding plants and some plants to put into hanging baskets and such.  We also bought some mulch.  That was actually put down on Mother's Day.  Here are some pictures of my front yard.  Back yard, another time! LOL

My son laying out the bags of mulch.  We still have to plant around the mail box but we are almost there!  The heat has already started to wilt some of the plantings, but we are doing our best!!  I'll post more pictures as my garden grows! LOL  Have a Blessed Day!

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