Friday, May 13, 2011

BUSY Time around here!!! {better known as LIFE gets in the way!}

WoW!  I am one week away from my eldest, my one and only daughter, graduating high school!  Can't believe it.  It feels as though just last year she started high school!  Wednesday was her last day.  I sure hope that she thoroughly enjoyed her high school years.  Those truly are the best times.  One of her friends made her and a few others, a certificate.  This certificate made them "honorary fans" at the football games!  They were at EVERY. SINGLE. GAME!  My daughter made noisemakers.  2 liter bottles.  Empty gallon jugs.  They were painted in the school colors and filled with beads and they SHOOK THEM.  LOUDLY.  So loud and obnoxious that another parent complained! WTH!  Obviously a parent who never attended the games.  These kids sat in the STUDENT SECTION!  He should not have been there if he was going to be a putz.  He wanted to have their "noisemakers" taken away!  Silly man.  He lost.
My daughter didn't want to go to her Senior Prom!  yep.  Her friends talked her into it.  She actually had a good time.  10 of them all met at a friend's house for dinner.  Us parents brought dishes, but the "hosts" grilled steaks and had baked potatoes.  It was very nice.  Here are a few pictures:

the table all set up.  Very pretty.

Refreshment table and appetizers.

Her friend who hosted the dinner and her roommate for college.  My daughter is on the left.

Her girlfriends.  Her pals.  The "Student Section" at the football games!
Yes, I really hope she has some GREAT memories of high school.
Now, I think I am ready for graduation.  I haven't started boo-hooing.  Yet.  There is still time.  I'll let ya know how it all goes.

I haven't had any time to be scrappy.  I did print out some of those Prom pictures to create some layouts, but I haven't had the time.  Soon.  I hope.  I did manage to make some Mother's Day cards.  Wanna see?

Here is what my table looked like before I got started:

Unfortunately, my table is STILL in my living room!  Hubby hasn't given me Divorce papers, yet, so I think I'm good! LOL  Here are all the cards that I made:

I gave them out to my "scrappy" friends and to one of the girl's I work with.  Now, with 2 more events about to take place: Graduation and Last Dance Recital, I'll have even MORE pictures to scrap! oy vay.
Okay, guess that is enough for now.  I had had 2 other posts before Blogger went down, but I am trying to go from memory to post this one! LOL  Have a Blessed weekend and I'll be back!!

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Jingle said...

Congratulations to your daughter and your cards are great!