Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Week in Atlanta

It all started on Tuesday, April 5th, 6 a.m.  My daughter and 8 of her classmates arrived at the airport. Along with a Chaperone and the Teacher.  I had pre-printed all their boarding cards.  We then proceeded to check in their luggage.  Their flight was for 7:30.  After all was said and done, they proceeded thru security.  About 7 a.m. I headed to their gate to see them off.  I helped the agent board and then see the plane off.  It. was. a. BUSY. day.
I was listed to take the 11:15 a.m. flight to meet them there.  No. such. luck.  Every single flight was oversold.
I decided to go to Baton Rouge and try to get out there.  It looked good.  I get there, thanks to my hubby, and I check in ready for the 4 p.m. flight.  It comes and goes. Next and LAST flight is at 6:25 p.m.  That one does not look good. No luck.  Almost. But no cigar!  Call my hubby to come and pick me up.  I list myself on the 6:15 a.m. flight out of New Orleans.  Now, my luggage has already been sent to Atlanta. Surprise. NOT.  Good thing I had some items left at home so I could dress.  I barely made that flight, but I made it to Atlanta on Wednesday.  Met up with the other Mom.  Of course, there were some hiccups.  I missed the stop on the train.  No prob.  Just came back.
That night, the girls had had plans with the Conference, so "D" and I went and had some margaritas at a Mexican place she saw the day before.  They were GREAT!!  We had some chips and salsa and each 2 margaritas.  We leave, but we hear some music playing.  Right next door was "Metro Diner Cafe" and it had Karaoke!  We step in.  I have NEVER done Karaoke before in my life!  We had so much fun.  So much, that our daughters did not speak to us at all the next day.  They were mad because we came in at 3 a.m.!  Seriously?  We are 40 something women, capable of having fun!!  Needless to say, we didn't live it down the rest of the week.
Every morning, those girls were up, dressed and down in the conference center for 7 a.m.  It was great.  They had worked the conference as well as doing two presentations.  We got to also, get a "behind the scenes" tour of the Hyatt Hotel we stayed in.  Here are a few pictures:

It was very interesting.  Here are some pictures from around the lobby:

We were on the 15th floor and had the 1st 4 rooms from the corner.  The teacher had the girls playing "hide n seek" in the lobby!!!  They had fun.
Well, that is all for now.  I will space out the week over a few days!


kelliebean said...

Glad you finally made it! Looks like everyone was having a great time (margaritas ;) )...and what a pretty hotel!

Veronica said...

Hotel was very nice and the Margaritas? OMG! The BEST! No separation at all!!! LOL