Friday, April 15, 2011

Week in Atlanta part 4 {picture heavy}

On Saturday, we got a late start.  The girls really wanted to sleep in.  So at 9:30 a.m. we met out in the hall and went down for breakfast in the food court.  After, we went to the Marta to catch the train.  On the agenda for the day was: World of Coke, CNN Center, Centennial Park and MLK Museum.  BUSY DAY!!!
World of Coke was VERY interesting.  We took the tour and got to taste LOTS of different cokes!  There was one that REALLY stood out! BLECH!  There was such a horrible after taste that was SO BITTER!! YUCK!
Here are a few pictures:

Here are some pictures from Centennial Park:

After our visit to World of Coke and Centennial Park, we headed over to CNN for lunch. After lunch, we then got on the train and transferred to a bus to go to MLK's museum.  I wish I could say that this trip was uneventful, but it wasn't.  Nope.  Purchased roundtrip MARTA passes with a transfer.  Get on the train and was going to get off at stop where the transfer was taking place.  Train stops. We start getting off.  Craig, his daughter and 3 of the girls. Then BAM! the door closes on Karlie!!  OMG!  She TOTALLY freaks out.  The look on Candace's face as she was OUTSIDE the train was a total shock! LOL  Good thing I was in the rear so they had an adult with them.  No biggie.  All we had to do was get off at the next stop and catch the next one back.  It took 25 mins for all of this.  THEN we waited for the bus.  THAT took a while.  Unfortunately, by the time we got to the museum right after 5, it had already closed.  At. 5. arrrrgghh.  Oh well.  It still was a memorable trip and we got to see the tombstone where MLK and Coretta Scott King were buried.

It was very surreal being there.  I am very glad to say I was there!
After, we went to the Lennox Mall.  Now THERE is an upscale place!

We were only there about 1 1/2 hours until we headed BACK to MARTA to get on the train.  My daughter is SO DONE with public transportation! LOL  She's too funny!

This was an easy, quick trip back to the Hotel.  They were instructed to start packing and we were going to check and make sure all was in order.  We had to leave for 6 a.m. to head back to the airport for our 8:35 a.m. flight home.  3 of the girls managed to stay up ALL NIGHT!!!  But, they were ready!  Unfortunately, our flight was delayed 45 mins putting us back in New Orleans at 10 a.m. instead of 9:15.  I got home, put on my ja-ja's and laid on the sofa!  I was completely exhausted.
All in all, it was a good trip.  I think part of me realized there was a reason I never chaperoned teens before, but secretly, it was fun.  These girls are our future.  They have their heads on straight and their career paths marked out.  God Bless them all and their teacher, Craig Howat for a wonderful job and mentor he has been in their lives.  He truly is an inspiration and practices what he preaches!  Thank you again!

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