Friday, April 22, 2011

Piggy Tales!!! {warning: enabling alert!}

Well a dear friend, {don't know how dear since she dragged me into this} posted a GREAT sale going on at "Piggytales"  Well, I caved.  Seriously.  Crumbled all the way to nothing.  I mean, HOW could you not?  $15 for over $100 of product?!  Can't WAIT until I receive.  Go check it out for yourself.  I don't want you kicking anyone for NOT getting it.  I ordered, so I'm good! LOL
Want to see what else I ordered?  I. COULD. NOT. PASS. THIS. UP!!!  Seriously.  $6 and FREE shipping!

MSE Thrifty Thursday had the above.  Aren't they pretty?  It REALLY is a great deal!!  Go check.  They just might have a few more.
Now, if I can just get to my scrap table. SOON!  I have pictures sitting on my computer that I have been dumping off my memory cards.  Plan on taking more today.  Crawfish Boil will be taking place.  I will share.  Pictures I mean.  NOT crawfish.  THAT I do not share!!  Hell, I don't even help out my kids.  I showed them how to peel them and eat them. Once.  When they were 3.  After that, if they didn't catch on, well, too bad for them.  MORE for me!  Mwahahahahahahahaha!  They RUN to the table before me now.  They better.
Have a BEAUTIFUL, BLESSED Good Friday.  Happy Easter to you all.

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