Saturday, April 2, 2011

A "Disney" Sadie Hawkins

Well, a few weeks back, BOTH my children attended the high school Sadie Hawkins dance.  This year's theme was "Sadie Goes Disney."  My daughter and her friends chose "Villains."  My daughter was the Sea Witch from "Little Mermaid."  There was also the witch from "Snow White" and Cruella de Ville, and Captain Hook. These kids had a good time.  Here is the layout.  Please note: I DID correct the spelling of "Villains." LOL

I noticed the misspell after I took the picture.
Now, my son and the girl he went with, were the "Incredibles."  His date made the costumes and all my son had to bring were the black shorts and socks.  They looked pretty cute:

They had fun.  They went to a friend's house for a bar-be-que before the dance. 
All in all, both my children had fun AND they will have the memory in their scrapbooks!
Okay, that's all I have for now.  I'll be back later to show you a mini album I made for a swap.  It was done with paper bags!!!!  Stay tuned!  Be Blessed.

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