Monday, April 4, 2011

Boy Scouts of America!!

My son is a Boy Scout.  He has been a Boy Scout for a few years now.  When he first started, in Kindergarten and first grade, he was a cub.  Now, he left because the Troop Leader just wasn't "in to it" and my son got bored.  Now, the leaders are very impressed that a 15 yro is STILL involved and is a GREAT role model with the younger ones.  I'm impressed.  And PROUD!  He is a good kid.  Here are some layouts I did from a camping trip in the fall.

They had a great time and the weather could not have been more perfect!!  Winter Camp, oh my.  They froze!!  Poor kids.  They will be going to Summer Camp in June and they are already planning a MAJOR camping trip NEXT summer!!  That one will be AWESOME as well as expensive!  So glad we are pre-paying now! LOL
All right.  That's it for today.  Have a beautiful, blessed day!

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