Thursday, March 10, 2011

Finally, 2 Days of Rest!

Well, Mardi Gras is over.  It was a successful and safe year.  One of the safest on record!  Really cool.
Now, I can get to the project at hand: Making and finishing a mini album for a swap I am in.  I am now set up in my living room. *sigh*  I just WISH I had my own room.  It would be just PERFECT!  And the lighting? Oh. My. Gosh.  The lighting would be AWESOME!  I've been perusing the CSN shop and they have the most wonderful pendant lighting that interests me!!  Let me show you some of my favorites.

Of course it is a "Tuscan" lamp and would be PERFECT in my kitchen WHEN I redo it!!  Would love it over an island.  Just say'n. LOL

Now, this would be good over a work table.  A SCRAP table! LOL

They really have some beautiful selections.  You have to check it out.  Okay, I'm off to finish a project.  Have a Blessed day!

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