Saturday, January 29, 2011

I finally found "Creativity" Well, more like Time! Ha

Last night I sat at my table.  I turned on my computer.  I called, via Skype, some friends who were gathered scrapping.  My New York friends were having a grand ol' time.  I WISHED I could have been there.  Sadly, the abundance of snow they have been getting not only caused them grief and REALLY sick of Winter, airports were closed. *sigh*  But that was okay.  I wasn't on with them long for the connection wasn't great.  I did join with my Arizona friend, my Cali friend and my Salt Lake friend!!  And during that time, I managed to do a layout!  Really.  I did.  A 2 page layout.  Wanna see?  Okay.

This was from November.  My Freshman son went to the State Swimming Championship in Lake Charles.  His event was the "Relay."  They were an AWESOME FOURSOME!  However, sadly, they got disqualified because the last leg swimmer left before the 3rd one touched!!  It was a great experience for my son.  He was the only freshman on the team.  One was a Sophmore and the other 2 were Seniors.  My son has competed well prior to this.  He really set goals for himself and for that, I am proud.  He was a little disappointed and rightly so, but I made it as positive as I could.  His other Freshman friend was only there as an "alternate" and wasn't even swimming!  We'll see what happens this summer and next school year.
I'm hoping to get some more done today.  Need to stay on the "roll."  Have a Blessed day!

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