Saturday, January 8, 2011

Edible Garden!

This seems to be the BIGGEST thing happening right now and I think that it is AWESOME!!  Really.  Teaching kids to plant edible gardens at their school and EATING what they grow!!  What a way to get kids to eat healthier and more veggies!!  What is even better is when you get a GRANT to support this!!  I KNOW!  Freakin awesome!  So, I am asking you, my fellow bloggers out there to go to Pepsi Refresh Everything and this takes you directly to the school up for voting!!  It really is that simple.  Sign up using your email addy.  You do not have to have unwanted spam sent to you!  Let's spread the word to get this school a $25k Grant!!  I know YOU can do it!! Go Vote!!  Thank you!!

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