Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Starting the New Year Right!

A fellow blogger, Emilie Ahern is planning on getting me straight.  Okay, well not me personally, but you, and you and YOU!  She is going to be starting an "Organized and Inspired" tutorial that will be more than 15 steps to getting you organized!  I am so on that!  We all make resolutions.  I have.  The last couple of years I've NOT made resolutions.  I've chosen statements, words to live by.  "Move" was one.  Meaning, get out and do things. The following year was "Live!"  Meaning, LIVE your life, hence the name of my blog, "Living Life."  I am looking forward to Emilie's tuts.  I need to get more organized.  I've started working outside the home a year and a half ago and my organizational skills have gone by the wayside.  When I was home caring for children, my house was clean, laundry done, shopping done, meal plans prepared as well as a home cooked meal ready for my family.  Now, not so much any more.  And scrapping?  That has been few and far between!  I have a corner.  It's a complete and utter mess.  I NEED to get that organized.  Find things that I KNOW I have.  Relocate them.  STOP purchasing items because I can't find what I already have!
So, will you join me for the month long journey?  You know you want to!  Go here
Bookmark it.  Put it on your calendar.  I did.  That's the first step to getting organized!  See you there!

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