Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas Blog Hop!!

Welcome to the 2010 Christmas Blog Hop!  With Christmas closing in FAST, I just wanted to share with you some tips and help to get you thru this most BUSY time!  But first, let me get some "legalities" out of the way. LOL  You should have arrived via Cassie's Blog.  If you didn't, then you should start at the first one, Amanda's Blog.
Okay, enough with the formalities.  Now, I've decided not to give you another project to place on your work table just so it will get lost or pushed aside and totally forgotten about, not that YOU would, I'm just trying to prevent any problems. I want to give you things that you just may forget about or think that they are to miniscule.  These following items should be collected and placed in a container where you will likely find easily.
Okay, for those who have NOT finished their shopping and have NOT wrapped all the gifts, Transparent Tape.  Yes, that pesky little item that seems to either get lost under all the paper and wrapping or you just have run out of. Stock up! Then get 1 more! LOL
A cutting tool.  Something to cut the wrapping paper with.  I know.  It sounds ridiculous, but seriously, how many times have you had to buy ANOTHER PAIR only to find them?  Ribbons and Bows.  Yes.  Go get them.  Put them in the container.  Gift tags.  You know you've misplaced last year's.  They're cheap and in abundance at the dollar stores.
Okay, now if you haven't done your shopping, you should make a list.  Oh, AND a Budget!!  If you are planning to attend any holiday parties, gather some inexpensive "Hostess" gifts.  Just an acknowledgment if you will. To help you get organized, you can download this Shopping List/Guide to help.
Camera batteries.  Make sure they are fully charged.  Then, GET OUT AND USE IT!!!  Document all your preparations for the upcoming holiday!  Even the cup of joe you need to get you started!!  It'll never be boring.  It'll also show your family ALL you do to get ready for the holidays! LOL  Have fun with it.  When it is all done and the wrapping paper and ribbons and bows are all thrown out, then and ONLY then can you create a "Mini Album" of the 2010 Holidays.  A personal little keepsake for you and you alone.  If you need a "Visual", here is one:
and another,
those are just a couple to get you motivated. {please note, I did not make these. Only for visual purposes.}
Okay, my job here is done.  I wish you lots of joy this holiday season.  Enjoy this time with as little stress as possible.  If you have children, look at it thru their eyes.  It really is as simple as it looks.
Your next stop on this hop is Dana.  Your word to collect from me is:  TIME


okanogangirl said...

Good to know I'm not the only one who loses the tape ;)

Adele said...

LOL! No, Amanda, I do too! I have 6 rolls! Silly, considering I only have 3 rooms in my flat!

Cute December Daily, V! You're so good at those minis. Great list, too.

Jennifer DeWolfe said...

Those dang scissors! I tell you I am constantly looking for mine :)

Cute mini-albums :)

Jingle said...

Thanks for the great tips! I actually need to charge my camera battery for Sunday, so that was a great reminder!

gilroy gal said...

Cute mini books! I hate it when someone (read DH!) uses my scissors and doesn't put them back! LOL!

The Kitch Family said...

Great reminders! When things get all crazy this time of year, those little things always seem to go missing, don't they? What pretty mini-albums! Dana

Gina L. said...

Love your mini albums! I'm so into these now! Great job!

yokaye said...

Love looking through your blog and seeing the pics of your house and tree...beautiful! I really did LOL at the tape comment...I'm always needing more!

Amy said...

Thanks for the inspiration!

Steff said...

Thank you, Veronica, for the reminder at the end---to see Christmas through the eyes of a child. I needed that!
brown eyed girl