Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Turkey Day is almost here!!!

Well, well, well.  Are you ready?  I am.  All I need is for Thursday to get here so that I can throw that bird in the oven!  We'll begin eating @ 1 p.m.  Yes.  You read that right. BEGIN eating. LOL  This year I will have only 10 people for dinner.  Usually there are 15 - 20.  But that's okay.  I'll still have the same amount of food.  It just means that the ones who come prepared (bring their own "take-home" containers) will get to take home MORE!
Seriously.  I don't joke about food.  They don't joke about my Gumbo!  24 quarts of yummy deliciousness!  Of course ANY Southern will tell you, you serve potato salad with your Gumbo.  It's like mashed potatoes and gravy.  Salt and Pepper.  Cream and Sugar. PB & J.  You get it.  Of course there will be Turkey.  And a Ham. Also, Oyster & Rice Dressing.  Fresh Cranberry Sauce.  Sweet Potatoes.  Green Beans.  Bread.  Dessert.  I figure, by the time we've consumed most, we'll be ready to enjoy "Saintsgiving."  Yep.  Saints will be playing the "CowGirls."  Oops.  You're a "Dallas" fan.  Well, you're welcome to stay and watch with us, but be ready to take some ribbing!  Just say'n.  If you're one to dish it out, be ready to EAT IT!!!!  I will have 1 guest who is a "CowGirl" fan.  He better not start until AFTER he's eaten, if he's smart!! ;-)  Should be a really good day.
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