Monday, November 15, 2010

Monday "Blahs"

It is Monday.  The weather is NOT good.  Rainy. Sad. Blech.
And that is pretty much how it was at work!  Thank goodness it is over.  I am currently trying to find a hotel in Lake Charles for this weekend.  Actually, just for Friday night.  My son has State Championship Swimming this weekend.  Friday and Saturday.  We won't be getting home until late on Saturday night.  Really late.
I have NOT been scrapping!!  ACKKKK!  I am going thru withdrawals.  Now, Thanksgiving is around the corner and I need to get ready for that. Oh boy.  No worries.  It'll get done.  It always does!

The other night, Friday night to be exact, I recorded the David Letterman show.  Reason:  Reba was on! OMG!  The song she performed was "Turn on the Radio."  It is soooooo much better LIVE!  And I got to see her perform it! Here is a video of her performing:

But of course, THE big highlight of the weekend, according to my daughter, was: Lady Antebellum!!!
Here they are performing, "I Run to You."

They performed. Daughter was happy.  We returned home at midnight.  WELL worth the trip!

This ends my "Monday Blahs."  See you Tuesday!

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