Thursday, November 4, 2010

Happy Fall Y'all!!

What a BEAUTIFUL day it is turning out to be!  I mean, the last couple of days we've had rain.  This morning I woke and it was quite cool.  Really cool.  Well, now, the sun is out and my windows are open!!  I've been quite busy this morning cleaning the kitchen, putting away LOADS of laundry and hanging clothes.  I've been out on an errand as well.  Two days ago I prepared 4 meals!!  Yep.  So tonight we are having one of those meals.  My son has a "Last Chance, last meet" tonight.  This weekend is the "Metro Meet" as they prepare for State!  The next few weeks will be quite busy!  I am hoping to get some scrapping done.  I received the recipes from a "Recipe Swap" I participated in on "Scrapbuddies" and I would like to create a "Recipe Album" for those as well as future ones!  There were some DELICIOUS recipes!!  Well, won't ramble on anymore.  Be on the lookout for future projects and news as the year winds down.  Be Blessed.


Brooke said...

Hey V,
I got my recipes too, and was super excited!! I loved them all and can't wait to try them out! Glad you are having lovely weather. It has been down right cold up here!

Adele said...

I like random rambling! Glad the recipes arrived. I'm sooooo looking forward to making your Red Beans!