Friday, November 19, 2010

Another "Friend"ly Giveaway!!

I swear.  This girl just ROCKS!!  Jingle is having another giveaway.  I mean, EVERYTIME I turn around, she is just pouring her heart out and being GENEROUS!!!  She is seriously making me look bad.  I'm just saying.  She has me wrapped up in her "warped" little world.  I really need to learn how to "tap" into her energy.  Again, just say'n.  Go and see what Jingle has to give today.
This is what I am lovin!!
Isn't it cool?  Think I am seriously going to order it.  Yellow makes ME HAPPY!!!


Jingle said...

YOU ROCK!!! Thank you SO much!!! You are such a sweetie! ANd YES, that Bento box is awesome!!! Complete and utter cuteness!

Adele said...

It's totally darling!!!!