Friday, October 1, 2010

Welcome to October!!

What?  You didn't KNOW it was October?  Where have you been?  You now know that, well, Christmas is knocking at the door?  My son has already emailed his list to me!  Yup.  E-MAILED it!  Funny kid.  Told my daughter she better get moving or she will find NOTHING under the tree for her!!!  They are both teenagers, so that means, pricey items!!! sheesh.
This weekend, in fact at 3 p.m. today, my daughter and I are leaving for Bay Fest in Mobile, Alabama.  You can go here to see who is all going to be there!  I'm interested in Reba!!  Daughter is interested in Lady Antebellum.  Good thing they are appearing on 2 different days!
Tomorrow is "World Cardmaking Day."  I'm gonna miss that.  I actually want to get scrappy.  I've cleaned up my mess.  No more card table in the living room.  Hubby is happy.  It had been up for MANY months!!  I do have some crafts that I would like to get done and I will be participating in another "Olympic" fest on Scrapbuddies site.  It is all about HOMEMADE items!  Great idea.  I believe it starts next week.  I'll do my BEST to post what I am doing here.
Okay, have to get moving.  Packing to do and some errands to run.  Have a GREAT weekend.

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Toni said...

Gonna have to check out the Scrapbuddies site. And sooo laughing over your ds emailing your his want list. What a technological life we all now live (well, 'cept for me, whose hubby once had to correct her, saying, "Wrong fruit, honey. Blackberry. It's a blackberry, not a BLUE berry.") :D