Sunday, October 24, 2010

Oh Happy Day!!

Cannot believe another week has gone by and I've neglected my Blog AGAIN!!  I am so very sorry.  There is this thing called "Life" and "Work" that seems to be getting in the way.  Darn.  I HATE when that happens.
Anyway, let me give a SHOUT OUT to my wonderful hubby of 18 years TODAY!!!  Yep.  18 years ago today we got hitched! LOL  Nothing really planned today.  I had to work and now, he is at work.  I did make spaghetti for dinner and yesterday we spent the afternoon together running errands.  Something we have RARELY done lately.  So, Baby, Happy Anniversary.  Here's to 18 more!! XXOO

Okay, 3 weeks ago, I started a class with Ali Davis.  It is her "Sketch Support" class.  It is WONDERFUL!!  I am really enjoying it.  Using sketches in a whole new way!!  Really utilizing the sketch.  Here is what I've been working on:
Week 1 Sketch

Those are 2 pagers.  Next is Week 2:

And here is Week 3:
I did a one pager of the above.
I'm really enjoying the class and I think I am looking to get one of her books.  More likely Volume 5 & 6.  I'll wait and see.  I have created other layouts NOT included in the sketch class.
Well, guess that about covers it.  Should see a new sketch on Tuesday.  I'll post my interpretation of it when completed.
Off to go and clean up the kitchen now.  You folks have a great week!!!

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So many great pages!