Tuesday, August 17, 2010

As Time Goes byyyyyyy...

I cannot believe we are in the middle of August!  Wow.  My kids started school last week. YAY!  They only went for 2 days.  They started full time yesterday.  I have a Freshman and a Senior. Whoa.  Here is a picture of them on the first day:
Such a shame it was a rainy day too!  That is the reason that the lighting is a little off.  I'll fix before I create a layout.  Speaking of layouts, I created a few recently.  This one is a "Mosaic" layout.  Took me a while for it is a 2 pager.  I've since purchased a square punch! LOL
I also created this one:
 Then, I had this picture of my kids that show they ACTUALLY like each other!!
I had this picture of my daughter when she had her ring ceremony.  It is of her and the principal.  Created this layout:
My daughter actually made the ribbon flower on it!!  Kudos to her.
I participated in a "Challenge" and created a layout.  Had to use red, white and yellow as well as use eyelets or brads.  Also had to use 2 different ribbons!  This is how it turned out:
This was my son at his Swim Invitational.  He finished first in this event!!
This afternoon, I found this sketch and decided to create a layout using some pictures I took from the window of the plane on my trip to New York!  Here is that layout:
I am leaving in 5 days for a return to New York!  I am so freakin excited.  I need to get away.  Will be great to take some time off.  Plan on going into the city on Monday and taking the Double Decker Bus Tour and on Wednesday, a cruise around Manhattan Island!!  Going to try and cram as much as I can in a couple of days.  Kathy will be joining me.  Gonna make sure my camera cards are free and clear!!
Well, that is about it for now.  Gonna try and post my eventful trip as soon as I get back.  Until then, be safe, have fun and GET OUT AND LIVE LIFE!!!

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