Friday, July 2, 2010

A BLAST was had by all! {part une}

So, last Thursday I departed my fair city and headed North to Alaska Wisconsin! LOL  Via Detroit, Michigan first.  That is where I met up with "Miss Thang :P" aka Jaime.  We were flying on together to Madison.  Of course there were hiccups, drama umm, delays.  We didn't get on the first flight we were scheduled to get on.  Surprise!  Next one was at 5:40.  If not that one, 8 p.m. and there was even one more at 10!  Luckily we did get on the 5:40.  It was about an hour flight.  Now, there was a 3rd person to our group that was to arrive, so we got the rental car, OUR bags and HER bags, for hers flew in on OUR flight, the one SHE was SUPPOSED to get on.  "Doxymama" aka Kathy, got bumped before she left home!!  She was leaving Monroe, LA and headed to Atlanta, then Detroit THEN Madison.  Fortunately, she flew to Memphis then Madison!!  Hurrah!  We picked her up about 9 then went to eat.  We sat in awe that we had finally met!  It seemed surreal.  We had a hotel room for that night then we were headed up to the retreat house in the Dells.  We arrived about 1 p.m.  Others had already arrived!  I could not believe it!!  5 other ladies from our little ol' message board.  We had Gretchen, Cindy, Michelle, Debbie, and Gloria.  We unload and find rooms then pick a craft room to bunker down in.  We chose the one on the bottom level for it was cooler.  We decided to go and grab a bite to eat at a place called, "Moosejaw Pizza."  It was fun.  They must have known we were coming for they put us downstairs in a corner!!!!  We had asked the waitress to take a picture of us.  I proceeded to tell her that we had just all met today!!  She thought we were College friends! LOL   Here is a picture of us all, minus Marcia and Sheree.
From left to right, back row: Michelle, Gloria, Me, Gretchen and Debbie.
Front, left to right, Jaime, Cindy and Kathy.  Note the "Moose Antlers" we are wearing! LOL
When we returned back to the house, Marcia and Sheree had arrived!  The party had officially started. Again.  Annie had sent us a little treat.  Here it is:
It was filled with M&M's plain, peanut AND Pretzel!! There were also some Hershey Chocolates.  We also had in our presence...... drumroll please.........
Mojo and Timmy!!!!!!  WOW!  Inspiration abound!  Didn't take long for Mojo to corrupt Gloria and myself.  Hey, that's my story and I'm stickin to it! LOL
Darn Appletini's!  Actually that one was for Liv, aka "NenaNYC."
This was only the beginning of the fun!  Think it was after 3 a.m. before I hit the sack!  Got up the next morning about 8:30 and had coffee.  I went back to working on the albums I had started last night.  
We ended up doing a "Touristy" thing later that afternoon.  I will post that tomorrow.  I need to space out all the FUN we had.  So, until then, have a good day.


kelliebean said...

Oh MAN. I wish I could've made it this year - y'all look like you had so much fun! Maybe next year???

Gloria said...

So far so good V... can't wait for the rest of the story!

Lil-Rosi said...

You all are crazy! :) Looks like you had a great time!