Thursday, June 10, 2010

New Toy!

Okay, so remember a couple of weeks ago I mentioned that a marketing rep from CSN Stores contacted me?  I had done something for them in the past on my blog and it really went well.  Well, anyway, I am contacted again and this time for a Review of a product.  I had my eyes on:

Rachael Ray's Bubble and Brown set.  Guess what?  They came in today!!  Look:
They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I am in Heaven!  I cannot wait to use them.  Best part?  Took about a week to get here.  My "Man in Brown" delievered them personally.  Gotta love him! ;-)
Now, to decide WHAT to prepare in them! LOL   If any one may be interested in sponsoring a Giveaway or a Review for CSN Stores leave me a comment and I'll pass it along!


Jingle said...

Oh, those look fabulous!!!! You MUST tell us how they work for you!

Adele said...

This seriously looks awesome! When I get back State Side, I'm totally going to be asking for an email to get passed along.