Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Am I GLAD it's MY Friday!

Today is my Friday.  YAY!  You know what THAT means?  It means I can stay in BED for a few extra hours!  Now, that is AFTER I push hubby out of the bed for work first!  Really don't have anything planned except to go to the Driver's License Bureau to renew my license. UGH!  Forgot to do online and my birthday is next Tuesday and I don't think I'll get that sticker before then.  Oh well.

Guess what?  I've been contacted again by CSN Stores to do either another giveaway or a review!  They are so great!  I decided that this time I'd like to do a review.  Such a tough choice.  I'm thinking maybe I'll choose this:
It's Rachael Ray's Bubble & Brown set!  I'll admit, I am a fan of her products.  And I can get this GLORIOUS color!  Isn't that exciting?  I think so.  You know the best part?  Tomorrow while lying in bed I can order them using my laptop! LOL  Isn't technology wonderful?! ;-)  Go and check out CSN and all their stores!  Awesome stuff.  AND they ship to Canada!  Technology.  A beautiful thing I tell ya!  Go and enjoy your Wednesday and I'll catch you guys later!!

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Jingle said...

How seriously fun is THAT!!! It's going to be hard to choose!!! I know it was for me!