Tuesday, May 25, 2010

A Little "Catch up" on the past Week

Last week, there was a conversation on the MB about graduation from Columbia.  "Gilroy Gal's" daughter was the graduate.  She was leaving California for New York City for a while and travelling up the east coast to visit with extended family.  Anyhooo, "CEG" and "NenaNYC" were commenting on getting together for dinner one night.  Well that one night happened to be a night I was off!  Hmmmm.  Wheels were turning.  I kinda said, "hey, what if I just fly up for the night and join you guys?"  They were like, SURE!!  Guess what?  I DID!  I cannot believe I did it.  I took the 6:10 a.m. flight directly to LaGuardia landing at 10 a.m.  I sat next to a wonderful lady.  Her hubby happens to work with me!  Small world.  Let me show you some pics I took from the plane:

We had a great flight.  Until... flight attendant announces if there is a doctor on board!  Apparently, a woman was something and her 19/20 year old daughter was unable to give her mom the injection!  Well, Dedra's friend happened to be a nurse, but was CRASHED OUT.  Napping.  No worries.  Not 1, but 2 Doctor's on board.  Whew!  Good.  We landed and waited while the woman and her daughter left the plane first.  Thought for sure when the medics came on board, they would have a stretcher or a chair with them.  Nope! The woman and daughter WALKED OFF the plane!  WTH!  Anyway.  Dedra and I parted with hugs and I proceeded to call "NenaNYC" to let her know I had landed.  She was worried about her "Southern" friend in the "City!"  pahleez.  She is telling me I could take a cab to Penn Station to meet up with "Gilroy Gal."  As I was walking outside, I notice a bus and a sign stating, "Grand Central, Penn Station, Midtown - $10."  She told me, GET ON IT!!  Okay, so 2 hours later...... I am walking in Penn Station.  Totally in awe.  Trying to find the "F Train."  Ended up walking OUT of Penn Station and headed right for about 2 blocks.  Thank GOODNESS in the right direction!  Found the correct Subway train. YAY!  Was on my way.  Get to my destination. Again.  Called "Gilroy Gal" to let her know where I was and she said we are a couple of blocks away, be right there!  Bingo!!  Met up.  Whew!  We then headed to the end of the bus line to the Staten Island Ferry!  We were going to see the Statue of Liberty AND Ellis Island.  How cool is this?!  I cannot believe I just got on a plane to NYC!  really.  Here are some more pictures of THAT ferry ride:

After our ferry trip, we then went to "Gilroy Gal's" daughter's apartment.  She had a terrace on the 11th floor that was SO COOL!  We shared a bottle of wine and some roasted garlic on bread. yum!  We met the rest of the girls about 6:30 at a restaurant called, "Jasmin's."  Absolutely marvelous! Let me show you some pics.
Here we all are!  Table is pretty empty. for now.  We ordered LOTS of different foods and 2 bottles of wine.  A GREAT time was had by all.  "Gilroy Gal's" hubby was the only male there!  He was a trooper.  After dinner, I went with "NenaNYC" and "CEG" which by the way, stands for "Crazy English Girl", to the subway to catch the train into Westchester, where they live.  It was a quiet ride on the train.  Must've been too late for conversation.  It was a full train cause the 3 of us didn't sit together!  We then made it back to "NenaNYC" car and drove home.  The next morning, "CEG"  took me to the airport.  I will tell you about my adventure home in the next post!
Well, that is my trip to New York City.  I do plan on going back in August.  "NenaNYC" plans on a good day in the city!  I can't wait!  Until next time, have a good evening!


Jennifer Arble said...

OMG V I am so mad jealous of your trip I really wish I could've met up with you all it looks and sounds like you had an absolutely amazing time. The pics are fab...thanks for sharing

Jingle said...

Oh, how fun!!! What a wonderful thing to do!