Friday, May 7, 2010

It's Gone. ALL GONE!

Yep.  My hard drive is "non-recoverable."  At least at a REASONABLE cost.
The guy I found is really a nice guy and only charged me $100 whereas others would have charged me $350 minimum!

Anyway, on to more HAPPY things.  I did Amanda's NSD Challenge last weekend.  It was fun.  Took pictures of my son's first plane trip to Atlanta and created an album.  Wanna see?  Okay.  Let me see if I can find.
That is just a few of the pages.  Think there are 6 total.  I also completed a 2 page layout by adding the pictures to it.  I did the pages while visiting a friend in Atlanta over a week ago.  Here it is:
It was a meet at U.N.O.  He did fairly well.  Here is another layout I did of my son when he was in the first grade.
I am trying to get more accomplished but sadly, it is NOT the case.
I tried to get out of here on Wednesday, going to Salt Lake City, but I could not get out of New Orleans to Atlanta!  The last 2 days at the airport were hectic to say the least!  A "medical conference" disbanded and we had LOTS of people heading to Caracas, Stockholm, Narita, Germany.  Everywhere but here.  It was worse on Thursday than Wednesday and Thursday was my day off!  I worked 6 hours.  I'm tired.  We had just finished with Jazz Fest that last 2 weekends.  We did not need any more.  Oh well.
Well, I am in the process of transferring files to my new laptop.  I am already on Disc 11!!!  I had to go out and purchase some more CD's.  I really hope it ends soon.  And I am not even transferring everything!!  Oh well, at least now, I have a backup!! LOL  It is not of what I lost, but I won't lose anymore!  Gotta look on the bright side.
Okay, gotta go.  Just wanted to give you an update on what has been going on.  You Moms out there, have a wonderful "Mother's Day."  I hope you get lots of macaroni necklaces and soggy breakfast in bed! LOL  Whatever you get, spend it with those you love the most!

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