Monday, April 19, 2010

On the heels of my "Spring" Clean....

... you know, I only started "cleaning" because I was looking for my first external hard drive that "crashed."
I wanted to see if, after nearly a year, I could possibly get it to be recognized.  Well, I did find the electrical cord and the USB cord but NOT the actual drive!  The reason for my search?  Well, after that first incident, and getting over the lost data, I went and bought another, PORTABLE hard drive!  YAY!  LOVED it.  Yes.  I used the past tense of "Love."  What's it to ya?  Well, darn thing STOPPED working!!!  Poof.  No more.  I am getting a very low buzzing, beeping sound.  It lasts about 5 minutes.  But there is no power.  No lights are on.  I am more than upset.  I am downright pissed angry annoyed STEAMING MAD!!  I have pictures.  LOTS of pictures.  Digital files.  LOTS of digital files.  Digital elements I had searched and reloaded after the first crash.  ALL OF MY P365!!!  3 months that I have NOT had a chance to print!!!!  I tried other USB cables.  2 other computers.  Nothing.  Zilch. Nada. Zero.  I REALLY want NEED to get this info.  But, don't want to sacrifice my children to pay for it.  Well, on 2nd thought, it could POSSIBLY be a thought! LOL  No seriously, I can't see paying $300 for it. The unit itself is under warranty and they will replace it and I WILL, THIS time, have them replace, but I STILL want my info recovered!!!!  Trying to find a "Geek" who more than "dabbles" in Data Recovery who could, will, do it for about $100 - $150.  I know that "Memories" are supposed to be "Priceless" but seriously guys?  TWICE this has happened.  WTH!?   I really don't get it.
Okay, enough "Venting."  I have another "Vent."  Well, it's more like a, a, Situation.  A Fear. A Stressful appointment tomorrow!  Yep.  Root Canal time.  I really am worried.  Don't know why.  Just am.  sigh.
I'll be okay.  i know that i will.  eventually.  in time. after buckets of alcohol and pain meds. ;-)
I'm done.  Think I'll go and try to scrap.  Been quite successful that last couple of days.  Will show later.
Have a good Monday.  at least what is left of it!!

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