Friday, March 5, 2010

A Trip Down “Memory Lane” **Giveaway**

Can you remember what it was like growing up?  I’m not afraid to say, I was born in the mid sixties and lived remembering the 70’s.  Television, music, fashion, they have all progressed!  I grew up with “Tiger Beat” magazine.  Look at this!  Remember?  WoW!  Vinnie Barbarino!  The “Fonz.”
I know that most of you girls from that time period had posters of Shaun Cassidy and Leif Garrett on your walls, over kids beds !!  Don’t try and hide it.   LOL   There were also the “shag” rugs and bean bag chairs that filled our rooms.   Yes our style of decorating has definitely improved!!  Do you remember the nurseries?  They were simply stated.  Mostly.  Look at this one:

Look at the slats on the crib.  WAY too wide!  A definite “No-No” today.
Then as children got older, so did the décor.  Another example:
Kids beds have certainly changed!  And thank goodness, so did the bedding! Bye bye Plaid!  Do you remember the toys back then?  Take a look at these:

I LOVED the Spirograph!!  I personally had the LARGE set with all the cool rings and colors.

I also had the Little People with the farm and the house with an ACTUAL doorbell!!  Okay, it sounded like a bicycle bell but on a smaller scale, but STILL!
What a trip down “Memory Lane.”  I miss some of that stuff.  I wish my kids would have had some of those items.  The toys.  Sure, the Little People returned, but after they were too old for them.  A lot of my friends are having babies now.  They are getting married later than their own parents and having children at an older age as well.  Just as well for we’ve advanced in prepping for our children.  Safety concerns have matured.  I was perusing a few sites that carry children’s furniture and toys and ran across  “ All Childrens Furniture.”  Oh. My. Gosh!  I drooled.  They have just about everything you need to decorate a nursery and/or kid’s bedroom!  One stop shopping.  And they have “FREE Shipping” on orders over $69!!  Did I mention they also ship to Canada?  They do!  Look at THIS!

And the bed turns into this:

I gotta say, I bought a very similar set for my daughter  16 years ago and paid MORE than $460 for a crib and chest!  This site has some very cool items.  Go check it out!

Now, I’m done with babies now, but I am having friends who are having them and they have some great gifts to give for showers and such.

There are so many items to choose from.
All Childrens Furniture  is a great place to get ideas and to shop!  And to make it even easier, they have offered one of my readers any item worth $35 or less!  To be entered all you have to do is visit  All Childrens Furniture and let me know what you would like to have!  It can be anything your heart desires!  If you’re going to dream, might as well dream BIG, right?  Please leave me your email addy in the comments section.
You can have  EXTRA chances to win by {1} becoming a Follower and {2} posting about this Giveaway on your Blog!  That is a total of 3 chances to win!!  Just post that you have become a Follower AND link me to your Blog {if you have one!} and I’ll add your extra chances!!
This giveaway will end on March 15th at 5 p.m. Central time.  I will choose the winner via and notify by email as well as posting the winner on my blog.  You will have a max of 48 hours to respond or I will have to choose another winner.   :*(
So, GO!  Visit  All Childrens Furniture and start making that “Wish List.”  I’m curious to see what you absolutely MUST have! LOL

**please note that I did not receive any compensation for this post.  I was given the opportunity to provide a giveaway for my readers and I gladly accepted!  Those who know me, know that I LOVE giving!  :^)


Lil-Rosi said...

Neat site! Thanks for sharing it! :)
Hard to decide on something, but I think I'd like the "JoJoDesigns Soho Blue and Brown Accent Floor Rug - Rug-SohoBlue"
It would go very nicely with my boys' bedroom. :)

Adele said...

I'm going to make sure Lois sees this! Awesome :D Thanks for showing us! And, seriously... thanks for the memory lane :) I'm young enough to have missed bits of it, but old enough to have got others. Like, the little people. Yeah... the doorbell. I remember the doorbell. And the barn that 'mooed' when you opened the door!

Carly said...

Thanks for the chance to win! I just love the old toys. I had the spirograph set too & just loved it! My dd has a bed like that that converts and it's the best because at 6 yr's old now she is still using her crib headboard because it changed into a full bed. Here's my wish list item:
You did say WISH list right :) Love the fact that it's a big old desk and one then one kid can craft at it-wish they made them in grown up size :). Lot's of cute stuff on that site!

Lois said...

Awsome site. Think I'll have to bookmark it for future needs.... but here's my "wish" list item
edushape Rollipop Baby Toy - 80580 - XSKU #: EDS1015
It's marble works for toddlers! My parents STILL have our huge marble works sets from when Adele and I were kids. We had SOOOO much fun with them.

Jingle said...

How fun!!! I'm so glad they contacted you, too!!! Did you SEE the Kraft tape on that site? It's over the limit, though. I would choose the Educational Insights Safe 'n Easy Paper Cutter!

ANd of course I follow your blog!