Thursday, February 4, 2010

I tried to be Creative! LOL

Wednesday I was without Internet service.  For a good bit of the day.  Do you know how much work you can get done by NOT being on the World Wide Web?  I mean, do you REALLY?  This is what I accomplished:

I still have Christmas pictures to print from our home!  Ones with my own kids opening gifts.  That is my plan later this weekend.  I now have pictures to print from a field trip I took with my son today!  Classes at his school went to our "D-Day Museum" and we also saw the film, "Beyond All Boundaries" that was narrated by Tom Hanks.  It was in 4D and VERY COOL!  I nearly cried at the end.  It was THAT emotional.  There is a lot I didn't notice remember about WWII and why they stormed Normandy on the 6th when in fact it was planned for the 5th!!  Bad weather.  Did not know that!  Did you?  We then walked across the street {in the rain} to the actual Museum.  Unfortunately, we only had an hour to tour.  I DEFINITELY need to go back.
We were supposed to go to City Park and have lunch at the Pavillion, but it rained.  It is STILL raining.  So tired of it all.  Anyway, we went back to the school and ate in the cafeteria.  joy.  The kids had to go to their "4th Block" class, but I took my son home because it was P.E. and he could miss that.
Anyhow, I'm tired and it's very close to my bedtime.  Have to get up early and go to work!  Hope the rain stops by then!  Have a good night!

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